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The Superstars Podcast Is Back! Wednesday April 17th @9PM With Candace Solomon Of Fathom Realty.

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Candace Solomon


I’ve been known as a “jack-of-all-trades” because I have a past filled with all kinds of careers in finance, coaching, and even teaching. I have dipped my hands into many things, but I discovered my love for real estate while working in the mortgage industry!

I started in the mortgage world back in 2015 as a Mortgage Processor. I reviewed all kind of documentation – from credit reports to bank statements and paystubs and brought hundreds of clients to the closing table in the tri-state area. While I loved that my job played such a huge role in the homebuying process, I knew I was meant to do more – outside of a cubicle. I made the decision to switch from mortgages to real estate in 2017 and attended real estate school. I passed the exam on the first try with flying colors & never looked back. 

Over 5 years later, I’m still here creating homeowners full-time and loving every minute of it,  and now, I have the pleasure of leading the Prestige Realty Group! I am building my personal brand as an advocate for every single one of my clients and a resource for anyone who wants to learn. My community has grown to over 15,000 followers between Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and I have so much more in store. I am literally just getting started! I take pride in being honest, reliable, and my authentic self and let others gravitate to me. Honestly, I love it here.

Working with me literally gives you a nice combination of a teacher, a coach, a cheerleader, a mortgage guru & a real estate expert. And that’s not a flex, that’s the real me. 


My goals are always to make you my main priority. I will always protect each and every need you have such as finances, etc. and answer all questions. I want to make all your real estate transactions a stress free process. With my knowledge and training, I will guarantee to get you the highest number and the best deal possible on your dream home.
As your listing agent, I will go above and beyond for you, your family, and your home. I have an award winning team and the top assistant in real estate which allows me to service you and provide the top of the line marketing, always using professional photography, videos, the top 300 websites and full enhanced listings on each site. I also use the number one showing scheduling system in all of real estate which protects your home at the highest level and maximum security. I have an extensive background in sales and my expertise is in negotiations. I will treat your home and money as if it were my own. This is the main reason my referral business is so extensive.
As your buyer agent I will be the agent who will work endless hours to find you your dream home. I will provide you with the top mortgage specialist to ensure that you get the best financing and options that fit your needs. I will also take care of all negotiations such as price, terms, inspections, correct any defects, make sure you have a free and clear title, etc. Our goal is to make sure that buying your dream home is an absolute success and great experience.